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Moving Oasis Van Life Essentials

If you’re thinking about exploring van life, there are some essentials that make van living easier. Van life is a lifestyle choice that allows you to travel and explore the world. It gives you freedom and flexibility, as well as saving money. Here are some of our favorite van life essentials:

1. A comfy bed

A bed is one of the most important things to get right when setting up a van. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time there!

2. Comfortable seating

You will spend a lot of time in your van, so you need to make sure it is comfortable.

3. Storage

Any extra space in your van should be used to hold everything that belongs inside it and nothing else! Use baskets to keep things organized and easily accessible too!

4. Power

Solar panel, an inverter or battery packs to charge your devices. Enthusiasts of van life have long been fans of solar panels, which can be used to power your van, essentially a house on wheels. They’re perfect for powering lights at night or charging batteries during the day where there’s no access to electricity. Solar panel kits are also great if you want to use them with an inverter so that you can run a computer or refrigerator off of your battery system as well

5. Cooking Stove

These little stoves are super easy to use and clean up, and they’re relatively safe too. They run off propane or electricity and can use them as an alternative source of power if your battery ever dies.

6. Proper Installation

Having proper insulation is a must for any van conversion. Proper insulation will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

7.  Simplicity

Simplicity means less clutter, which means more space. This gives you more room to live and move around in your van. Simplicity saves money and weight—both crucial considerations when it comes to living on wheels.

8. Essential Staples

Its always important to have van life stables on hand as well. We always include

Refrigerator or Cooler

Pots/Water boiler and skillet

French press or coffee maker

Spices and Spice Rack

Can opener and Bottle/wine opener

Cups, Plates, bowls, Coffee Mugs

Cooking Utensils and Eating Utensils

Knives and cutting board

Dish Soap, Sponge or washcloths

Paper towel and cleaning products

Water Storage or Water bottles

Lighter or matches

van life moving oasis

We are always growing or list of van life essentials and offer a variety of services with your van build or rental to help keep your van life easy! Come back to our blog soon for more van life tips and guides.