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Explore Florida's National Parks With Moving Oasis Vans Florida is home to some of the most beautiful and unique national parks in the United States. Exploring these parks in one of Moving Oasis Vans is the perfect

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Moving Oasis Van Life Essentials If you're thinking about exploring van life, there are some essentials that make van living easier. Van life is a lifestyle choice that allows you to travel and explore the world. It

Three Easy Steps to Size your DIY Van Electrical System Solar Panels on a van have become essential for van life, not to mention that the power source, aka the sun, is a renewable resource, and it’s

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30 Days of Beaches in Florida In June, Nat and I set out to complete a challenge - 30 days of beaches. We wanted to go to a beach every single day in June. We had the

Summer is quickly coming to a close, so how many more trips can we squeeze in before life starts picking up speed again? When Nathalie and I went on our first trip together, we meticulously calculated the

Air circulation in your van we all know is critical to living comfortably in a van so take you through an easy step-by-step process to installing your Maxxair Fan or Fantastic Fan. Tools that you will need:

So, you want to learn about electricity? It’s all very intimidating at first, but I promise after you read a few articles here and there, it will begin to make sense. Here is a basic overview of

Hi! We're Nathalie and Lillie.   In 2021 we experienced our first Vanlife trip throughout the west coast of the USA to celebrate Nathalie's graduation for her Masters’s in Architecture at UC Berkeley. We drove through California,