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Moving Oasis is a Queer, Latinx and Women-Owned business. We are a van conversion and van rental company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. We build out vans into tiny homes and mobile businesses. Both, Lillie and Nathalie, are passionate about housing and hope to build out luxury dream homes for those that are able to travel and work remote, but also for those that are on the brink of eviction and have no other option. We believe that housing is a basic necessity. Converting vans into tiny homes is not only for those who have the privilege to travel and work, but also for those who have no other option and are currently facing eviction. As rent continues to rise, the same can be stated for brick-and-mortar businesses; with increasing overhead costs, it becomes more difficult for young entrepreneurs to start new businesses. Aside from mini-homes, vans can also be converted into mobile businesses to suit various needs such as pet groomers, bike repair shops, health practitioners, etc.


We believe that everyone deserves to experience the freedom and excitement that comes with van life, while also achieving the stability and security of homeownership. Let us help you make your dreams a reality with our van conversion options. Start your journey today with us.


At Moving Oasis, our mission is to empower individuals to pursue their dreams of van life and homeownership. We’re committed to helping you take the leap into a more fulfilling and adventurous lifestyle, whether that means hitting the open road in one of our custom-built vans or settling down in your dream home.

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