Van Conversions and Rentals

van conversions and rentals
Image by: Roo SaBell

Moving Oasis

Moving Oasis is a Queer, Latinx and Women-Owned business. We are a van conversion and van rental company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. We build out vans into tiny homes and mobile businesses. Both, Lillie and Nathalie, are passionate about housing and hope to build out luxury dream homes for those that are able to travel and work remote, but also for those that are on the brink of eviction and have no other option. We believe that housing is a basic necessity. Converting vans into tiny homes is not only for those who have the privilege to travel and work, but also for those who have no other option and are currently facing eviction. As rent continues to rise, the same can be stated for brick-and-mortar businesses; with increasing overhead costs, it becomes more difficult for young entrepreneurs to start new businesses. Aside from mini-homes, vans can also be converted into mobile businesses to suit various needs such as pet groomers, bike repair shops, health practitioners, etc.

Our Mission:

To help individuals take the leap into van life to increase homeownership and create awareness to save our planet.

Our Values:

Moving Oasis pledges to be:

  • Dedicated to Crafts-woman-ship – Ensuring the highest quality build from concept design to the last construction detail in the van
  • Authentic and Approachable– honest, transparent, and equitable in each step of the service process.
  • Inclusive and Diverse – We welcome an environment of differences in gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity
  • Sustainability-Oriented – We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment through our building materials and renewable sources of energy
    • Natural Ventilation
    • Solar Panels
    • Use innovative/local materials – Recycled content and prefabricated materials such as carbon-negative bioplastics
      • Local materials that don’t need to be transported long distances and natural materials like wood, which is carbon-sequestering and renewable when harvested sustainably; surfaces made from clay or ceramics, a readily available material that has a natural pollutant binding effect and regulates interior humidity; and natural stone cladding which can be produced using zero-waste methods.
    • Fun and Excited – We strongly believe that having fun while working is what makes the difference to continue to grow and strengthen our company in the long-term


We are a team that is passionate about making your dreams come true. Always working directly with your every step of the way through the van conversion process. Moving Oasis strives to offer the best van conversion and rental experiences to all of our clients. We look forward to sharing your next adventure!

Nathalie Canate

[CEO & Co-Founder]

Nathalie Canate

[CEO & Co-Founder]

Nathalie is the Architectural Designer and builder on all van conversions. You work one-on-one with her on every aspect of your van build. She graduated in 2021 with a Master’s degree in Architecture and a certificate in Real Estate Design Development from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition, she also holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Florida with three minors: Landscape Architecture, Sustainability and the Built Environment, and Business Administration. She is passionate about housing and designing functional and aesthetically beautiful spaces for people to live authentically.

Lillie Mysel

[COO & Co-Founder]

Lillie Mysel

[COO & Co-Founder]
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Lillie creates and manages all of Moving Oasis’ content on its website and Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook accounts—whether someone interacts with an Instagram reel or calls as a potential client, Lillie’s the person they interact with! In addition to her work creating content and interacting with followers and clients, Lillie is currently a part-time student at Florida State University working towards her Master’s in Social Work. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She is passionate about the environment, social justice, and has a gift for creating community.