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Moving Oasis is a women-owned, Florida-based van conversion company. We build and rent luxury campervans for your every need, whether that is a home to travel in comfort or a mobile business to take right to your clients doorstep.

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Dedicated To Helping You Take The Leap Into Your Van Life Dream

Moving Oasis van conversions and rentals is an all-in-one luxury vacation and affordable adventure! Our van conversions are custom built with your needs in mind. The possibilities are limitless with freedom at your fingertips we help you create the lifestyle design of your dreams. With our rent-to-build program, you can test-drive our van, decide if this lifestyle is for you and if it is, the amount you spend on renting is automatically deducted from your custom van buildout price! Check out our Youtube Channel to follow more of our adventures and travel tips.


2020 Dodge Promaster


Founded in 2021, Moving Oasis specializes in providing architectural innovation and spatial efficiency to van buildouts. With our unique background in architecture, sustainability and personal experience within the van life community we provide our clients with their dream oasis!

This is an information gathering phase that will be the foundation for the design phase to follow. The main goal during this phase is to learn everything possible about our clients’ personality, lifestyle, and how the space should be used, organized, and arranged. This information is organized into a document called the Program, which describes how the spaces for the project will be organized, their approximate sizes and any specific qualities or unique features you are looking for.
- Duration: 1-2 weeks

Schematic Design - This is when we start exploring design concepts; it is the time for testing options and getting a general idea of the look and feel. The floor plans and shape of the project will begin to take form, but the specifics about materials and details will come later. The Schematic Design phase includes several meetings where we present ideas to our clients using images of other projects, hand sketches, and models to help visualize the size, shape, and relationship of spaces to each other. We listen and observe your reactions, then refine the ideas according to your feedback until we reach an agreed upon design direction to develop further in the following phases. Clients can expect to be quite engaged throughout this phase and to be asked for approval.
- Duration: 2-4 weeks

This includes heating and cooling systems Vent fan/Air conditioner and/or heater installation, window installation, insulation, electrical, plumbing, propane system, custom cabinetry and interior finish - Duration: About 4-5 months, depending on the complexity of the project

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Help Individuals take the Leap into Van Life and Increase Homeownership


It’s no secret that the cost of housing is rising. If you are someone who feels like you want to travel and work, we can help you! Imagine paying $600-800 per month to work and travel. You can save about $10,000 to $20,000 each year! After just ONE year of traveling and living a new adventure each day you will be able to afford a downpayment for your dream house! We at Moving Oasis are committed to helping people acquire their dream home whether that’s on wheels or stationary.

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